10th annual Big Rock Sports and Eagle Claw fishing trip

Each year Big Rock Sports holds a sales contest for a fishing trip with Wright & McGill. A total of 15 guys from Big Rock Sports and Wright McGill ventured up to the Gunnison River in Colorado for some great Kokanee Salmon fishing. The group stayed in cabins that were located right next to this great fishery.

Each morning the group would get out early and start throwing real nasty colorful flies. Each fly box looked like a bag of skittles.

Most had little fly fishing experience and one person who had never picked up a fly rod. Many of them improved their casting techniques while on the water. Each day the casts had got better and less wind knots to untie. Each person caught an average of 10 fish a day. This time of year there are thousands of Kokanee that swim up this stretch of the Gunnison.

Each evening would conclude with a few games of poker, laughs, and good times.

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  1. Robin C. Webster says:

    what a fish. Fish with teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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