A satisfied customer :)

Here is a wonderful email we received about our Flats Blue Rods:

Morning folks :>)

I would like to talk a little about my flats blue rod It’s a 7’9 casting I’m very tired so bare with me.
My name is Darrell Vibbert and I live in Kentucky I’m 48 years old now and I have fished since I was about 5 or 6 I have owned a lot of premium rods and reels in my years but the flats blue rod is on of best thus far.Every time I use it I’m just blown away by the sensitivity and flexibility. I use it for everything from bass to catfish, yes catfish. I usually keep a shimano carado 200E7 reel on the rod but back in April I changed it out for my ABU 6500 spooled with 50Lb power pro and I took it catfishing . I watched Blair use the same rod to catch some big with I wanted to give it a go. That day I caught 6 flathead cats that weighed from 15 to 40+ Lbs. The rod worked flawlessly I was thinking it was going to give up the ghost at any time but it held up.I forgot to mention I was fishing rough river Lake spillway and the current was pretty strong that day so any 10 pound fish felt like 20 pounds. Every time I would hook into something every one would say you’ll never get that one in but the rod done it’s job , They were all amazed at the rod not ever hearing of it before and just could not believe such a flimsy tipped rod could hold up so well against such big fish (Oh, almost forgot I also caught a 30 pound drum on it that day as well) I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling every time I reeled a fish in. I own a lot of other rods everything from G Loomis to Nite Stix I use for big catfish but as soon as I can afford to I’m going with all flats blue and stormy skies rods. I love the S-Curve rods I like the way they function I mean It’s like having 4 rods in one The seems to adjust to the size fish you are catching bigger fish uses more of the middle and back bone rather then depending on the tip
They truly are great rods and I look forward to buying more I just wish I knew more about your reels.
Well It’s time for me to go to bed I hate that I never took any pics but when I do I’ll send you some .

Darrell Vibbert.

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  1. Sugel says:

    The exclusive WM S-Curve technology has made these rods stronger than any rod I ve ever used but they re still sensitive and light..After the blanks were created I asked the designers at WM to bring me a rod that would not spook fish in clear skinny water and they brought me what we re calling Flats Blue. ….One Response to Wright McGill Blair Wiggins Signature Series Fishing Rods……….

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