Another Satisfied Customer

I’d like to take the time to thank your company for putting out such a great product. Your rods helped me make the Nebraska State Regional Bass Federation Team. Nebraska just held their state tournament on Truman reservoir in Missouri. I found the bass in cedar trees that were from 3 to 15 of water. Getting a bass out of a cedar tree is no easy task, but with the sensitivity and the strength of your rods I had very good success, including a 5lb + bass that ended up being big bass for that day and second over all for the three day tournament. The strength and sensitivity of these rods are awesome but the selling point for me is how light these rods are. With three days of tournament and two days of practice there would have been know way my elbow would have ever stood up to the test with the heavier rods I’d been fishing.
With today’s hustle and bustle world seems like there aren’t many “atta boys” given out, but you folks certainly deserve one here. I own five of the Skeet Reese rods and will have more in my arsenal when we go to Louisiana to compete against the other seven states in our division. The regional teams are very difficult to make as I have only been able to make the team twice in the past but am looking forward to and I’m very confident in my chances on the Atchafalaya Delta

Thank’s a lot
Yancey Hartzer

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  2. Jorge says:

    I recently bought one of your new Wright and McGill Blue Blaire Wigen rods and was extreamly disappointed when it broke the second time I used it. I cought a small 2lb. Jack and the top six inches of the rod broke off. More disappointing was that the Life Time Warenty would cost an additional $60.00 to replace it. Fortunetly, Dick’s sporting goods replaced it. When I went to the store they had two other rods that had also broken. It seems that you have a manufacturing problem and the intergraty of your company is at stake if you don’t fix the problem and allow costomers to replace them for free.

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