S-Curve Blair Wiggins Signature Series Rods Features

In the early morning mist S-Curve assumes its mythical reputation. But held up in the light of day you can begin to unlock it’s true technological secrets. A concoction of a T-Glass core that is then wrapped with carbon tape and an additional layer of high-density graphite. This ingenious combination delivers unbelievable power transmission, enhanced torque and lifting power, while remaining remarkably light and durable. The resulting mystique surrounding this W&M S-Curve rod series is well deserved.

S-Curve Rod Features

  • Made with incredibly strong, light and sensitive S-Curve blank technology.
  • Reinforced with a 1K, high-density woven graphite cloth from the fighting butt forward of the foregrip that adds 23% more hook setting power and fish fighting strength.
  • Carbon Nanotube resins bind all layers and increase strength.
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides with zirconium rings are lighter and won’t crack, break or groove when used with the new super braids.
  • Custom split foregrip of rubber cork that allows for finger tip recognition of sensitive bites.
  • Split rear handle design for weight reduction and improved balance.
  • Non-slip handles and reel seats for a sure grip.
  • Oversized, durable fighting butt for comfort.