Saltwater Big Game Rods and S-Curve Jigging Rods

Beneath looming thunderheads that build over secret waypoints, carefully working structure and seeking pelagic giants, one beholds the power and awe of the big game and jigging rods. These weapons of the gods empower mere mortals to extract these giants of the deep with their sensitivity and strength.

Blair Wiggins Flats Blue Saltwater Big Game Spinning Rod Features

  • Carbon Nanotube resins bind all layers and increase strength.
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts.
  • New, non-slip high-density rubber handles designed for all day comfort and a sure grip.
  • Split rear handle design for weight reduction and balance.
  • Large fighting butt for comfort and control.

WMBWSU70S27'0"21/2 - 2 oz10-20 lbsMediumSpinning
WMBWSU80S28'0"25/8 - 3 oz12-20 lbsMediumSpinning
WMBWSU90S29'0"21 - 4 oz15-30 lbsMedium HeavySpinning
WMBWSU10S210'0"23 - 6 oz20-40 lbsHeavySpinning
WMBWSU11S211'0"23 - 6 oz20-40 lbsHeavySpinning

S-Curve Jigging Rods
  • Soft tip for jigging and powerful butt section to control powerful fish.
  • Extra-long, molded rubber foregrip reduces rod twist.
  • Aluminum reel seat accommodates Sábalos Big Game reels.
  • Non-slip slick butt ensures a sure grip and easy rod removal from rod holders.
  • Aluminium gimbal.