Blair Wiggins Shoots Sturgeon Show in Columbia River

Addictive Fishing’s Capt. Blair Wiggins shoots a TV show for the upcoming season. For the first time, Wiggins heads to the Columbia River in Oregon to target the massive sturgeon. Many people who watch the Mogan Man have never heard of the Columbia, but those in the northwest know that it is a sanctuary for monster sturgeon. Capt. Trevor Storlie joined Blair and showed him the ropes on the largest sturgeon fishery in the country. The trip took place on the week of June 13th near the mouth of the Columbia.

As you know, Capt. Blair Wiggins has his customary Flats Blue rods that he uses in salt waters of Florida. When doing the show in the northwest, he wanted to incorporate and include his line of rods, which was never thought of before in the northwest.

Capt. Storlie or better known as The Red Spirit Guide is among the most knowledgeable guides in the northwest. Wright & McGill is lucky enough to have him as a member of our ProStaff, and takes pride in the huge fish he catches on Wright & McGill rods. About a year ago, the technologies of S-Curve graphite/glass rods launched a line in Wright & McGill’s name, called the Stormy Skies Series. These custom colored rods are specific to Storlie’s northwest edition of Wright & McGill rods.

Together, with each of their customary rods, the two fishing guru’s were able to slam some monster sturgeon and make a great show for the upcoming Addictive Fishing season

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