Each year a few friends and I head to a secret fishery that we have deemed Destination-X. This year proved to be just as great as the previous year. Our trip started off late Thursday night with a 3 hour drive. We ended up at our favorite camp site around 10:30 and set up camp. We were so excited to fish in the morning that we decided to set up a few pre-tied rigs in the Wright & McGill Hopper Dropper Box.

In the morning we set up our rods so that we could start fishing as soon as we arrived to Destination-X. Little did we know that this would be the last time we saw our tent.

Once we hit the water it was on! We quickly started hooking up with some nice rainbows. After our first double hook up the high fives started flying. We ended up having about 5 double hook ups for the day. We tried hard to get a triple but it never happened. Most of the fish were caught using eggs, worms, and wolly buggers. The fish ranged from 16 to 22 inches.

By the end of the day we were exhausted. We had been on our feet for close to eight hours. Between the three of us we landed nearly 50 fish. We headed back to find that our tent had blown away, so we think. We searched for 30 minutes before we accepted the fact that we would never see the tent again. All in all, it will be a trip that we will never forget.

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