Don”t Be Afraid To Ask Someone To Take A Picture Of Your Catch

On May 28, 2011 I decided to go do a little Memorial Day fishing at Clear Lake.  As I left the house I remembered leaving my camera at work so all I had was my cell phone.  I was also going fishing by myself.  I ended up launching the boat and starting off at the south end of the lake at around 5:45 in the evening.  With the spawn coming near the end I decided to target the docks which were adjacent to quick drop offs.  I was fishing Yamamoto Tube baits in green pumpkin w/ large black flake, on a Lazer Trokar EWG size 1/0 hook.  As I skipped under docks I had fish follow my bait but not commit.  So I decided to throw a reaction type bait like: spinner baits, crank baits, and jerk baits, something to get the fish fired up and give less time for them to think about whether they want to eat it or not.  After working the whole south end of the lake and not getting any strikes on the reaction baits it was time to go back to where I started and throw the tube again.
The first dock I came to and skipped my tube bait underneath I had a bite which turned out to be about a 2 1/2 lb smallmouth.  Two more docks away again skipping under the dock as far as I could I get I hooked another 2 1/2 lb smallmouth.  The fish were obviously fired up so I continued to go with this pattern until I had a limit of about 13 lbs in the boat in about an hour.  Which leads me to my point I needed someone to take a photo of the fish I had caught so I could release them and return home.  I had been watching a couple on a dock catching trout during the time I was out and proceeded to work my  way towards them.  I politely asked them if they could take a photo of me and the fish I had caught.  When they saw the bass they didn’t realize the bass were that big in the lake.  They welcomed me to there dock where I handed them my phone to take the photo’s.  After they had taken the photo’s I thanked them and in return I handed the gentleman a Skeet Reese Victory 3000 spinning reel.  The gentleman was in shock after receiving the reel and thanked me.  I told him it is just a little gratitude for taking the photo’s so I could have a memory of the day on the lake.  So the next time you are out on the water by yourself and wish you could get a photo of that trophy,  just ask someone and I am sure they will help you out.

Curtis Blunck

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