Flats Blues Traveler Introduction

The Wright & McGill Flats Blues Traveler promotion is the first of it’s kind chain linked fishing outfits making their way around the country by way of addicted fishermen. Capt. Blair Wiggins starts the chain by selecting someone to be the first link and it’s up to that …person to use the rod and reel, document your trip with photos or video, share your experience here on Facebook, pass it on to the next person, and become part of history.


1. If you receive the Flats Blues Traveler rod and Sabalos reel, make sure that they are both in good condition. If not, please call the phone number listed below.

2. Share your location and how you received the rod and reel by contacting us by email, Facebook, or phone. Sign the case with your name, date, and location so that each person can see where the rod and reel have traveled.

3. Go fishing as soon as possible. Please do not keep the rod and reel for more than 2 weeks. Make sure to carry a camera so that you can capture pictures and videos of the combo in use, the location, and any other interesting content to document. An AF staff member will check in with each person to make sure the Flats Blues Traveler keeps on fishing.

4. Please email all content to promo@eagleclaw.com so that we can share your story. Also, please share your photos and stories on this Facebook page. If these options do not work, please call us at 720-941-8725 so that we can help share your story.

5. Finally, pass the Flats Blues Travel Rod & Sabalos Reel to a fellow angler. Find a person who has a passion for fishing and is willing to share his or her experience with everyone on Facebook. Make sure to give them a brief explanation of the rules and get their name and phone number and document who you gave it to right here on Facebook.

If you need assistance, please call 720-941-8725 so that we can help you if needed.

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