Essentials Fly Rods

  • The 4-piece construction of the Wright & McGill Essentials Fly Rods makes travel easy without sacrificing performance and strength. With each rod, we hand select the finest birdseye maple reel seats and finish them with a nickel/silver up-lock system. All fly rods include a beautiful and durable travel case trimmed in leather.
  • Power Cone™ technology adds strength and power to the butt section of the rod allowing higher line speeds, greater casting performance and improved fish fighting ability in all rod sizes.
  • Only high quality Pacbay Titanium frame SiC stripping guides and titanium snake foot guides are used in building these rods. Guides are precision placed for optimum performance.
  • The highest quality or “Flower Grade” Portuguese cork is selected and hand shaped in a traditional Half Well or Full Well handle for comfort and sensitivity.
  • Each section flows to the next with internal ferrules that allow for a continuous taper from the butt section all the way to the tip eliminating dead spots, creating a perfect power curve and enhancing performance. To make assembly easier, small alignment dots are positioned to help you assemble the rod quickly and accurately.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

WME76347'6"34MediumMid/TipHalf WellNatural Maple
WME86348'6"34MediumMid/TipHalf WellNatural Maple
WME86448'6"44Medium/FastMid/TipHalf WellNatural Maple
WME9449'044Medium/FastMid/TipHalf WellNatural Maple
WME86448'6"54Medium/FastMid/TipHalf WellNatural Maple
WME9549'054Medium/FastMid/TipHalf WellNatural Maple
WMESP115411'0"54MediumFullSwitch/SpeyT-6061 Anodized
WME9649'064Medium/FastMid/TipHalf WellNatural Maple
WME96649'6"64Medium/FastMid/TipFull WellBlack Aluminum
WME9749'074FastTipFull WellBlack Aluminum
WME9849'084FastTipFull WellT-6061 Anodized
WME9949'094FastTipFull WellT-6061 Anodized