Generation II S-Curve Fly Rods

  • Generation II S-Curve blank construction for incredible strength, sensitivity and performance.
  • Nano resin technology.
  • New, high-density rubber handle that dramatically improves grip and feel.
  • Oversized stainless steel stripping guides with zirconium rings.
  • Stainless steel snake foot guides.
  • 4-pc. construction for easy travel and storage.
  • Beautiful and durable travel case.
  • Custom paint.
  • Alignment dots for easy 4-piece assembly.
  • Available in fifteen lengths and actions.

WMSC70247'0"24MediumMid/TipHigh-Density Rubber in Half WellAluminum
WMSC76347'6"34MediumMid/TipHigh-Density Rubber in Half WellAluminum
WMSC86448'6"44Medium FastTipHigh-Density Rubber Half WellAluminum
WMSC9449'0"44Medium FastTipHigh-Density Rubber in Half WellAluminum
WMSC9549'0"54FastTipHigh-Density Rubber in Half WellAluminum
WMSCSP115411'0"54Medium FastTipHigh-Density Rubber in Full WellAluminum
WMSC9649'0"64Medium FastMid/TipHigh-Density Rubber in Half WellAluminum
WMSC107410'0"74Medium FastTipHigh-Density Rubber in Full WellAluminum
WMSC76447'6"44MediumMid/TipHigh-Density Rubber in Half WellAluminum
WMSC8548'0"54Medium FastMid/TipHigh-Density Rubber Half WellAluminum
WMSC9849'0"84FastTipHigh-Density Rubber Half WellAluminum
WMSC118411'0"84Medium FastMid/TipHigh-Density Rubber Full WellAluminum
WMSCSP104410'0"44Medium FastMid/TipHigh-Density Rubber Full WellAluminum
WMSCB71067'10"64BassTipHigh-Density Rubber Full WellAluminum
WMSCB71087'10"84BassTipHigh-Density Rubber Full WellAluminum

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