Men’s Waders

  • W&M Essentials Waders for men are constructed with waterproof, breathable, 3 & 5-layer Aqualex™ fabric. The unique design makes them extremely comfortable and durable even in extreme conditions. These waders can handle anything you throw at them or bump into.
  • The shoulder straps are not only designed for comfort and support but are completely removable so you can convert your waders from chest high to waist high quickly and without having to tuck the straps inside the waders.
  • We know that you spend many hours in your waders and they must be durable. We’ve added a double layer of fabric from the knees to the ankles so you know they will perform in the toughest of conditions.
  • A built in gravel guard has been added using 3-layer fabric and features an elastic bottom and lace hook to keep them in place.
  • These waders feature a heavy-duty belt that is easily tightened or removed with a durable buckle. We have included a 5” wide back support system for additional support and comfort – you will notice the difference after hours of wading. It is also great for those who suffer from minor back pain.
  • Hand warmer pocket on chest also has a water tight zipper pocket for accessories.
  • 3-layer Aqualex™ fabric on main body, 5-layer from knees to gravel guard. 5-layer in seat area also.
  • New stocking foot design for all day comfort.
WME900-XSExtra Small
WME900-MKMedium King
WME900-LKLarge King
WME900-LTLarge Tall
WME900-XLX Large
WME900-XLKX Large King
WME900-XLTX Large Tall
WME900-XXLXX Large
WME900-XXLTXX Large Tall

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