Plunge Fly Fishing Collection

Includes a high modulus graphite, 4-piece fly rod in one of two lengths and actions, plunge large arbor fly reel in either 3/4, 5/6, or 7/8 depending on the rod purchased, floating fly line, fly line backing, tapered leader, W&M Power L Nipper, W&M Qwik Drop Shot Dispenser, W&M 5″ black forceps, W&M tool retractor, W&M leader straightener, W&M fly box, W&M high float strike indicators, Umpqua fly assortment, a travel case that allows for “reel on rod” travel and storage, Wright & McGill Essentials of Fly Fishing DVD and a one year warranty.

WMEPC86448'6"4 wt.4Med/FastHalf Well
WMEPC9549'0"5 wt.4Med/FastHalf Well
WMEPC9849'0"8 wt.4Med/FastFull Well