Strike Indicators


  • Floats high.
  • Easy to see.
  • Available in yarn, round ball, football and high float.
  • 3 assorted colors in each package – red, white and chartreuse.
WMEYIYarn Indicators3 pk.ONE SIZE
WMEBI38Round Ball6 pk.3/8”
WMEBI12Round Ball6 pk.1/2”
WMEBI34Round Ball6 pk.3/4"
WMEFBISFootball6 pk.Small
WMEFBIMFootball6 pk.Medium
WMEFBILFootball6 pk.Large
WMEHFISHigh Float6 pk.Small
WMEHFIMHigh Float6 pk.Medium
WMEHFILHigh Float6 pk.Large