Micro Honeycomb & S-Curve Walleye Rods

Micro Honeycomb Rod Features

  • Micro Honeycomb blank technology offers unmatched sensitivity.
  • Carbon Nanotube resins add power and strength without increasing weight.
  • Zirconium guides offer incredible performance when fighting big fish and for making long casts.
  • Reel seats feature our “Palm Swell” design and are coated with non-slip rubber.
  • Split rear handle design offers exceptional balance and reduced weight.
  • Rubber cork handle is durable, transmits light bites and provides exceptional grip when wet.
  • Rubber cork, cone shaped foregrip allows for finger tip recognition of light bites.
  • Five technique specific actions and lengths ensure you always have the right rod in your hand.

WMTRW62ML1Micro HoneycombRigging/Jigging6'2"11/8 - 1/2 oz4-10 lbsMed. LightMed. Light
WMTRW68ML1Micro HoneycombRigging/Jigging6'8"11/8 - 1/2 oz4-10 lbsMed. LightMed. Light
WMTRW68MLPJ1Micro HoneycombPower Jigging6'8"11/8 - 3/4 oz6-14 lbsMed. LightMed. Light
WMTRW71S1Micro HoneycombPower Rigging7'1"11/8 - 1/2 oz4-10 lbsMed. LightMed. Light
WMTRW77S1Micro HoneycombPower Bobber7'7"11/8 - 3/4 oz6-12 lbsMediumMedium
WMTRW80C1Micro HoneycombBottom Bouncer8'0"13/4 - 2 oz8-14 lbsMediumMedium
WMTRW76C1TMicro HoneycombBladin7'6"1 Tele1/2 - 2 oz8-14 lbsMed. FastMed. Heavy
WMTRW710S1Micro HoneycombPower Pitchin7'10"11/4 - 1 oz6-14 lbsMed. FastMed. Heavy
WMTRW86C1TS-CurveTrolling8'6"1 Tele3/8 - 1 oz8-14 lbsMediumMedium
WMTRW94C1TS-CurveLead Core Trolling9'4"1 Tele1/2 - 1 oz10-20 lbsMed. FastMed. Heavy
WMTRWD80C2S-CurveDownrigger8'0"23/8 - 2 oz8-20 lbsMediumMedium
WMTRW56C1S-CurveTransom Troller5'6"11/2 - 3 oz15-30 lbsMed. FastMed. Heavy

S-Curve Rod Features

  • S-Curve blank technology for superior sensitivity and incredible lifting power.
  • Carbon Nanotube resins add power and strength without increasing weight.
  • Lightweight stainless guides match perfectly with today’s super lines.
  • Exposed blank, trigger real seats for a sure grip and added sensitivity.
  • Textured rear handle provides exceptional non-slip grip and all day comfort.
  • Rubber cork fighting butt for comfort and durability.
  • Triangle shaped, rubber cork foregrip offers superior fish fighting control.
  • Three technique specific trolling actions include 2 telescopic models for easy transport and storage.

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