Mike Dove catches massive pike on Lake of the Woods.

Mike Dove just got back from Lake of the Woods Ontario. Mike used nothing but the Skeet Reese rods and the Victory reels. He was a little skeptical of the Victory reel being able to handle the big pike , being that it is only rated at a 12lb drag. However, Mike was pleasantly surprised. Mike was using a lot of fast moving jerkbaits and cranks to get the reaction bite from the pike in shallow water, so he mainly used the 7-1 gear ratio. It did great. Mike used the jerbait topwater rod for a while until he started to locate the bigger pike. I found it would handle them, however it took a lot of patience. So I switched to the Swimbait rod for most of the trip. Mike noticed that the big pike were located in less than 5ft of water moving up for the spawn. The fish were very skittish. It was important to make long casts and being able to snap the rod to create an erratic retrieve, which the big pike were reacting to. Many of people at the lake and the lodge took notice of the rods. Mike was asked several times “are you using that tackle for Pike” I would respond yes it works great! Here are some of the photos from his trip.

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