New Wright McGill Products – 2011

What a year 2011 is going to be with the new Wright & McGill products being introduced this year at the ICAST show being held in Las Vegas.  Here’s a peek of what you can expect to see.

Inshore saltwater rods that will provide the ultimate in performance and affordability.  Seven new models designed around W/M’s exclusive S-Curve blank technology for strength, sensitivity, lightweight and incredible lifting power making the new W/M S-Curve Blair Wiggins Signature Series rods the best performing, most durable rods in its class.  The one of a kind color design on these rods makes them almost invisible to fish in clear water giving the angler a true advantage by not spooking fish in shallow, clear water.

Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Rods

Micro Honeycomb technology offers ultra thin, lightweight blanks constructed of 100% modulus carbon that are bound together by our new, industry leading Micro Honeycomb resin.  This design combines three separate layers of high modulus graphite wrapped around a high density graphite core, reinforced by woven fibers and bound together by W/M’s exclusive resin.

These rods combine this exclusive blank technology with the addition of high performance micro guides, the newest trend in high performance rods offering increased accuracy and lighter weight.  Micro Honeycomb  rods will deliver 100% of the performance and sensitivity that you’ve been looking for and all four models are incredibly light and perfectly balanced.  Available in three spinning and one casting.

Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Victory™ Spinning and Spincasting Reels

Wright & McGill Co. and Skeet Reese have worked together to design a new series of spinning and spincast reels that will not only stand up to the rigors of the Bassmaster Elite Series Tournaments, but are priced so the average fisherman can use the gear that professional anglers like Skeet use everyday.  The Victory spinning reel is available in four popular sizes – 2500 to a large framed 4000 series and the spincast is available in both a 6.2:1 and 7.0:1 version in both right and left hand retrieve.

Wright & McGill S-Glass and S-Curve Skeet Reese Tournament Rods

Three new models added to the line for 2011   The two new S-Glass rods are a 6’6 Short Mag Crankbait and  a 7’10” Magnum Crankbait and feature split handle design, custom handles and the famous W&M soft crankbait action.    The S-Curve is a 7’6” Pitchin’ Stik and has an extra fast action, split handle design for balance and weight reduction along with the very popular custom handle that has been so popular with all of the other Skeet Reese rods.

Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Jr. Champion Combo

Skeet Reese helped design this beginning anglers’ combo that features a high quality 5’2”, 2 piece, spincast rod and reel that will make it easy for young anglers to cast over and over again.  The combos comes with a safe, rubber casting plug for use at home when you can’t be on the water, an instructional DVD – “Fishing is Fun” and a Skeet Reese tournament hat sized for the young angler.

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7 Responses to New Wright McGill Products – 2011

  1. mike leroy says:

    how do i get blair wiggins 8 ft rod and spinning reel combo i look for them at dicks on line and bass pro no body has them. can you tell what size spinning reel he used for snook tarpon and striper

  2. Marty Havens says:

    Is there a difference in what makes up Skeet’s rod and Rick Clunn’s rods?

    • admin says:

      Marty, both the Skeet Reese and Rick Clunn rods are priced the same, but completely different rods. The main difference is that Rick Clunn’s rods are S-Glass Crankin’ rods. While Skeet Reese has a wide variety of rods including Micro Honeycomb rods, S-Curve rods along with more S-Glass rods. The website has descriptions of the different technologies. I hope this is helpful.

  3. Marty Havens says:

    Will rick clunn’s rods be priced the same as Skeet’s?

  4. Robert Tiner says:

    I am inquiring if you are the manufactuers of fishing reels for Eagle Claw.
    As a master guide for over 50 years, I have never seen a sporting product produced, that has the interest that the Eagle Claw Cold Smoke Ice fishing reel has generated. The reel is an “in line” reel and the 2.6/1 ratio and free spool, makes it the best ice fishing reel I have ever possessed in my entire lifetime. The problem is that you can’t find one anywhere.
    So, the purpose of this message is a suggestion that if you do produce this reel, you’re missing an opportunity to greatly boost the sales of this item. If you don’t produce it, you should!
    Here’s the link;
    Bob Tiner

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