Rick Clunn visits the Wright and McGill Co.

We were honored to have Rick Clunn in our offices yesterday. If you do not know Rick Clunn has won the Bassmaster Classic 4 times in his career. We are glad to have such a Legend become part of the Wright & McGill Team.

During Rick’s first visit to Wright and McGill we went over many new product ideas. Rick sat down with our rod and reel manager Al Noraker to discuss his line of rods. Rick knows exactly what he wants from a rod and Al is the perfect person to meet his demands. Rick talked with our TroKar manager Matt Grey on some new hook designs. After working with all of the product managers Rick went to the country store and worked as a sales man. These two guys were surprised when Rick Clunn himself came out to explain his crank bait rods.

The whole company enjoyed having Rick and his family here. He spent some time in almost every department. After a tour in the factory Rick had some extra time to sign some autographs with his kids by his side.

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Andy Martin’s Halloween Guests

Tyler Curry, 8, of Reno, Nev., holds a 30-pound king he caught Oct. 31 at the Sand Hole on the Smith River while fishing with guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. Tyler and his father, John, both caught kings trolling plug-cut herring brined in Pautzke’s new Fire Brine fished with size 3/0 TroKar hooks and Wright & McGill Stormy Skies salmon rods. www.wildriversfishing.com

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Wright & McGill Co goes to Boston

The Wright and McGill team was in Boston this week looking for big Stripers and Bluefish.
We were fishing with several of the buyers from Dicks Sporting Goods and none other then Skeet Reese. We had the chance to fish with two great Captains Chuck and Skip from Boston Sportfishing. www.bostonsportfishing.com

Day one opened with nothing to see but thick fog and more Bluefish then we knew what to do with plus a Striper or two thrown in for good measure. Bluefish in packs are a hook makers dream since these hard fighting, toothy fish can cut mono leader like butter and with the Stripers being a little leader shy we decided to stick with the mono instead of steel leaders for a shot a 40lb plus Stripe Bass. 100 hooks later and all of us plenty happy with the day we headed back to town for what else but some of Boston’s Best Seafood.

Day two dawned and the weather make us feel like we were in a completely different place. Sunshine greeted us and the Stripers seemed to be more willing to bite. We caught fish all day within site of the Boston Skyline and Fort Independence in the Harbor. What a great fishery, When you can stay at a hotel downtown in a major city, have a 15 minute car ride to the boat and be hooked up 15 minutes later – that is a fishery to get excited about!Everyone had a great time, caught plenty of Striped Bass and Bluefish, laughed, joked, and harassed both the captains for two day. Plus enjoyed the nightlife of Downtown Boston.

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Another Satisfied Customer

I’d like to take the time to thank your company for putting out such a great product. Your rods helped me make the Nebraska State Regional Bass Federation Team. Nebraska just held their state tournament on Truman reservoir in Missouri. I found the bass in cedar trees that were from 3 to 15 of water. Getting a bass out of a cedar tree is no easy task, but with the sensitivity and the strength of your rods I had very good success, including a 5lb + bass that ended up being big bass for that day and second over all for the three day tournament. The strength and sensitivity of these rods are awesome but the selling point for me is how light these rods are. With three days of tournament and two days of practice there would have been know way my elbow would have ever stood up to the test with the heavier rods I’d been fishing.
With today’s hustle and bustle world seems like there aren’t many “atta boys” given out, but you folks certainly deserve one here. I own five of the Skeet Reese rods and will have more in my arsenal when we go to Louisiana to compete against the other seven states in our division. The regional teams are very difficult to make as I have only been able to make the team twice in the past but am looking forward to and I’m very confident in my chances on the Atchafalaya Delta

Thank’s a lot
Yancey Hartzer

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The Russian Eagle Claw Team Win National Title

The Russian fishing championship was held September 16-18 on the Volga River near the town of Uglich,Russia. The Russian Eagle Claw Team headed to the tournament with a goal of taking the National title. Konstantin Karimulin, Sergey Jhdanov, and Konstantin Kudinov were each equipped with Skeet Reese Rods, Skeet Reece Victory Reels and Lazer TroKar hooks. The tournament consisted of pike and perch. The average weigh-in for the tournament was 24 lbs. Team Eagle Claw won the title of Russian Nation Champs with 26 lb. Congratulations to the whole Russian Eagle Claw Team.

(from left to right):Konstantin Karimulin, Sergey Jhdanov, Konstantin Kudinov

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10th annual Big Rock Sports and Eagle Claw fishing trip

Each year Big Rock Sports holds a sales contest for a fishing trip with Wright & McGill. A total of 15 guys from Big Rock Sports and Wright McGill ventured up to the Gunnison River in Colorado for some great Kokanee Salmon fishing. The group stayed in cabins that were located right next to this great fishery.

Each morning the group would get out early and start throwing real nasty colorful flies. Each fly box looked like a bag of skittles.

Most had little fly fishing experience and one person who had never picked up a fly rod. Many of them improved their casting techniques while on the water. Each day the casts had got better and less wind knots to untie. Each person caught an average of 10 fish a day. This time of year there are thousands of Kokanee that swim up this stretch of the Gunnison.

Each evening would conclude with a few games of poker, laughs, and good times.

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Put the Other Rods & Reels Away

My son and I were invited to our first-time fishing trip for the silver salmon run in Valdez, Alaska. Our friends have gone to Alaska every year for the last five years, and said that the silver salmon is the best fishing he has ever had. He stated that silver salmon put up a great fight, and to choose quality gear for the trip. Never having fished in Alaska, we researched the best rods & reels for big game fishing. After a lot of research we went with the Salmon Steelhead Series Rods, specifically the Alaska Medium Drifter rod & the Eagle Claw Endure Cast Reel LB 6000 reel.

When it came time for packing for the trip, we asked to include our rods in his carrying case. He chuckled and stated that the rods and reel that we had chosen were too small and would not stand up to the silver salmon of Alaska. At first glance of the size of his rods and reels we thought we might have come unprepared.

Upon arrival we adventured our rented boat through the Valdez Arm into Jacks Bay & Galena Bay. At first we used down riggers and the larger gear to troll pop gear and herring for the silver salmon. While we did catch a number of silver salmon it almost seemed unsporting as you couldn’t really feel the fight of the fish.

We then anchored in Jacks Bay for lunch, and unsheathed our W&M Alaska Medium Drifter rods & the Eagle Claw Endure Cast reels. We rigged a small amount of weight and a herring, and cast over side. As we were unpacking lunch my buddy shouted “the Wright McGill!” My son grabbed the rod, set the hook, and it was fish on! We had a modest set on the drag, when the salmon saw the boat it went for an immediate run stripping line off the reel. After a good fight, we netted the silver salmon, which was our largest fish caught yet. Immediately following the catch, the whining drag of the second Wright McGill sounded off, and my buddy grabbed the pole. Like a kid in a candy store, he said “now this is fishing!” as he reeled in yet another big silver. Lunch was delayed as we all took turns catching our limit with the Wright McGill fishing gear.

For the remaining days of our vacation we caught our limit using the Wright McGill fishing gear. With each catch you could feel every twitch and pull of the fish, the responsiveness could not be beat.

My friend stated that he is getting rid of the other poles and from now on will only use Wright McGill. I’m hooked, and cannot wait for our next trip!

by Eddy Frisk

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Generation II is here.


DENVER, COLORADO – The Wright & McGill Co., in an effort to break new barriers in performance, power, weight reduction and value within the fly-fishing industry, is extremely proud to announce the introduction of Generation II S-Curve blank technology fly rods using CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) resins at under $100 retail!

Our design team has spent hundreds of hours developing what we think is an industry changing performance rod series that is priced to encourage recruitment into the sport of fly-fishing while making these rods available to fishermen and Fly Girls at every ability and economic level.

Generation II S-Curve rod blank technology is a derivative of the original S-Curve blank that has proven over and over that strength, sensitivity and performance does not have to be followed by lots of zeros!

We’ve taken the original S-Curve design but made it lighter and thinner by using an even higher modulus graphite core and reinforcing layer. Inside we’ve woven PBO fibers, which are two times stronger than Kevlar, with carbon yarn and T-Glass to add strength and performance to every blank. Nano resins are used as the binding agent increasing comparable strength by over 20% to standard resins.

As good as the new Generation II S-Curve blanks are, we didn’t stop there. We’ve broken new ground in the fly rod market with a handle made of high density rubber that dramatically improves the main point of contact that the angler has with the fly rod. These new handles are more comfortable than cork, last longer than cork and are not slippery when wet. Tradition may call for cork but when performance calls for improvement in materials and design, Wright & McGill always leads the way!

Every rod is beautifully finished with our unique seven layer paint process which adds a custom, one of a kind touch to your new fly rod. Add high end components like zirconium stripping guides, stainless snake foot guides, a lightweight aluminum reel seat and you have a true performance rod that you can be proud of and you didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to make the purchase. All W&M Generation II S-Curve rods are made in four pieces and include a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information about Wright & McGill Co. Essentials and Accessories products, contact us at 720-941-8700 or visit the web site at www.wright-mcgill.com. Be sure to follow us on Facebook as well.

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Kids Wishn’ To Go Fishn’ Celebrates 15th Year

Kids Wishn’ To Go Fishn’ Celebrates 15th Year Saturday July 9th marked the fifteenth year since this program started. With the many volunteers and Doug Houston the original creator of this event, the P.L. Wilson Detachment of the Marine Corps League, the Mobile Police Dept., the Mobile Jaycees and over twenty national and local sponsors participated in the event.

Ten adult anglers and 30 children ages 8-12 mostly from the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama got a chance to experience a trip of a life time. They boarded a chartered bus provided by Kingdom Coach and were escorted with blue lights by the Mobile Police Dept. and the Marine Corps League motor cycle group Semper Fi Riders to the Dauphin Island Marina where they received a Eagle Claw rod & reel, tackle box, t-shirt and back pack loaded with goodies. They boarded the charter boat The Duke and headed out for hours of fishing in Mobile Bay.

The children caught fish after fish and the expression on a childs face when they catch their first fish will last a life time. It is a pleasure to teach a child how to fish…..said Doug Houston. Once every child had a fish in hand they headed for the docks of the Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament the site of the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. They got to participate in their first fishing tournament. Each child got a certificate, hot dog, soft drink and ice cream and will receive a photo plaque from the Conde Corp.

Tom Claxton and the Marine Corps League has been a major part of this event for the last three years. Without them this event would not be possible. Once the child gets home with all the tackle they need to go fishing, we hope they will pick it up and go fishing instead of the streets….Houston exclaimed.

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A satisfied customer :)

Here is a wonderful email we received about our Flats Blue Rods:

Morning folks :>)

I would like to talk a little about my flats blue rod It’s a 7’9 casting I’m very tired so bare with me.
My name is Darrell Vibbert and I live in Kentucky I’m 48 years old now and I have fished since I was about 5 or 6 I have owned a lot of premium rods and reels in my years but the flats blue rod is on of best thus far.Every time I use it I’m just blown away by the sensitivity and flexibility. I use it for everything from bass to catfish, yes catfish. I usually keep a shimano carado 200E7 reel on the rod but back in April I changed it out for my ABU 6500 spooled with 50Lb power pro and I took it catfishing . I watched Blair use the same rod to catch some big with I wanted to give it a go. That day I caught 6 flathead cats that weighed from 15 to 40+ Lbs. The rod worked flawlessly I was thinking it was going to give up the ghost at any time but it held up.I forgot to mention I was fishing rough river Lake spillway and the current was pretty strong that day so any 10 pound fish felt like 20 pounds. Every time I would hook into something every one would say you’ll never get that one in but the rod done it’s job , They were all amazed at the rod not ever hearing of it before and just could not believe such a flimsy tipped rod could hold up so well against such big fish (Oh, almost forgot I also caught a 30 pound drum on it that day as well) I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling every time I reeled a fish in. I own a lot of other rods everything from G Loomis to Nite Stix I use for big catfish but as soon as I can afford to I’m going with all flats blue and stormy skies rods. I love the S-Curve rods I like the way they function I mean It’s like having 4 rods in one The seems to adjust to the size fish you are catching bigger fish uses more of the middle and back bone rather then depending on the tip
They truly are great rods and I look forward to buying more I just wish I knew more about your reels.
Well It’s time for me to go to bed I hate that I never took any pics but when I do I’ll send you some .

Darrell Vibbert.

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