Wright & McGill announces additions to Blair Wiggins Flats Blue Series

In 2011, the Wright & McGill Co. introduced what has proven to be a very popular new inshore rod series under the Capt. Blair Wiggins signature brand featuring our patented “Flats Blue” painting process. On the strength of that product line we are now introducing four new saltwater fly rods, 2 new off shore big game spinning rods and two new 3-pc. travel rods to the series.
All rods in this line feature our proven S-Curve blank technology that uses CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) resins for increased strength and weight reduction.

The Flats Blue saltwater fly rods are available in a 7, 8, 9 & 10 wt. model, all 9’ long. All are 4-pc and include a beautiful travel case.

The offshore spinning models use a split rear handle design for great balance and weight reduction. The 7’ model is rated 40-80 lbs and the 7’6” model is rated 30-60 lbs. Both use our new high density rubber handles, aluminum reel seats, zirconium guides and comfortable fighting butt.

The Flats Blue travel rods are available in both a casting and a spinning model that are 7’6” and rated 8-20 lbs. This is our most popular inshore action but this rod will be great for travel anywhere an angler is targeting the world’s most popular game fish. Each rod includes a Flats Blue travel case.

These rods are constructed using exclusive S-Curve rod blank technology and Nano Silca resins. This process combines T-Glass with high density graphite as the core of the blank. Carbon yarn, PBO fiber and glass fiber are then woven on the combination of T-Glass and high density graphite producing a blank that is super strong and has increased compression resistance. It is then wrapped by carbon tape and high density graphite to reduce cracking and to increase breaking strength.
The result is the revolutionary S-Curve rod series! These rods provide the perfect transmission of power for fighting powerful fish, enhanced torque and lifting power while still being extremely lightweight to minimize angler fatigue.

For more information about Wright & McGill Co. Essentials and Accessories products, contact us at 720-941-8700 or visit the web site at www.wright-mcgill.com. Be sure to follow us on Facebook as well.

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Generation II S-Curve Fly Rods

Wright & McGill Co. Generation II S-Curve Fly Rods with Nano Resins

Denver, Colorado – The Wright & McGill Co., in an effort to break new barriers in performance, power, weight reduction and value within the fly-fishing industry, is extremely proud to announce the introduction of Generation II S-Curve blank technology fly rods using CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) resins at under $100 retail!

Our design team has spent hundreds of hours developing what we think is an industry changing performance rod series that is priced to encourage recruitment into the sport of fly-fishing while making these rods available to fishermen and Fly Girls at every ability and economic level.

Generation II S-Curve rod blank technology is a derivative of the original S-Curve blank that has proven over and over that strength, sensitivity and performance does not have to be followed by lots of zeros!

We’ve taken the original S-Curve design but made it lighter and thinner by using an even higher modulus graphite core and reinforcing layer. Inside we’ve woven PBO fibers, which are two times stronger than Kevlar, with carbon yarn and T-Glass to add strength and performance to every blank. Nano resins are used as the binding agent increasing comparable strength by over 20% to standard resins.

As good as the new Generation II S-Curve blanks are, we didn’t stop there. We’ve broken new ground in the fly rod market with a handle made of high density rubber that dramatically improves the main point of contact that the angler has with the fly rod. These new handles are more comfortable than cork, last longer than cork and are not slippery when wet. Tradition may call for cork but when performance calls for improvement in materials and design, Wright & McGill always leads the way!

Every rod is beautifully finished with our unique seven layer paint process which adds a custom, one of a kind touch to your new fly rod. Add high end components like zirconium stripping guides, stainless snake foot guides, a lightweight aluminum reel seat and you have a true performance rod that you can be proud of and you didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to make the purchase. All W&M Generation II S-Curve rods are made in four pieces and include a limited lifetime warranty.

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Update From Capt. Andy Martin

Wild Rivers Fishing guide Andy Martin is currently fishing the summer season out of Gustavus, Alaska, targeting halibut, salmon and lingcod. The 2011 season has been busy and fishing has been productive. He fishes 15 weeks in Alaska before returning to Brookings, OR to guide on the Southern Oregon and Northern California coastal rivers. The Alaska fishery has been impacted by the 37-inch maximum size restriction, but he is still fully booked. The above-average king salmon run has helped make up for the halibut restriction.

Andy is using the Alaskan Medium Drifter casting rods for trolling and mooching for kings, and the 5-foot-6 S-Curve jigging rods and 5-foot-3 Performance Glass Rods for halibut fishing. The Alaskan Medium Drifters have proven to be a nice downrigger rod and have plenty of power for kings in saltwater. The halibut rods are top-of-the-class with unmatched power and performance. He had previously used Lamiglas and Ugly Stik halibut rods, and the Wright & McGill are more durable and last longer in the rigorous conditions of Alaska charter boat halibut fishing. There have been no problems with the Performance Glass Rods. The rod butts and guides/eyes have held up great – areas that he had problems with previously with other brands.

He uses 16/0 and 20/0 circle hooks. Eagle Claw’s circle hooks have a slightly wider gap than most other brands, which makes a huge difference in hooking larger fish. They are ready to fish out of the box. “Other captains have to offset the point on their circle hooks to get them to perform like the Eagle Claw hooks,” said Martin.

For salmon, he is using Lazer Sharp octopus and Trokar hooks, sizes 3/0 and 4/0. He still has some of the stainless steel hooks, which remain his favorite, but the newer Lazer Sharp octopus and Trokar hooks are sharp and strong. The hookup ratio with the Trokar is impressive. Usually when a plug-cut herring is tripped from the downrigger, the fish is on.

Captain Martin continues to be an excellent guide and user of Eagle Claw and Wright & McGill products. He is well known in the area, and we keep getting positive reports of big halibut and lots of salmon from his guides. Keep it up Capt. Martin!

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Capt. Andy Martin Finds Late June King Salmon in Alaska

Charter boats fishing on the Outer Coast of Southeast Alaska have encountered large numbers of king salmon gorging themselves on herring and needlefish, sparking some of the best action in years, according to longtime captains. Many boats venturing to the Deer Harbor area of the Gulf of Alaska from Gustavus, Elfin Cove, and Pelican reported easy limits of kings in June, and expect action to continue to be good in July. “The king fishing has been wide open,” said Capt. Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing, who operates out of Gustavus. “On most days we are getting limits within an hour, and we’ve also been releasing half a dozen or more kings.” The salmon near Deer Harbor have been averaging around 15 pounds, but fish to the mid-20 pound range have been common. “They are feeder kings headed to other parts of Alaska, British Columbia, and the Pacific Northwest,” Martin said. “They look a lot like Columbia River springers. They are fat and have some of the best-looking steaks and fillets I’ve ever seen.” Martin’s customers have been scoring kings trolling plug-cut herring with Big Al’s Fish Flashes, trolled on both divers and downriggers. The herring are hooked with size 3/0 and 4/0 Lazer Sharp octopus hooks and fished with Wright & McGill salmon rods. “I’ve also caught quite a few kings on spinners, both the Bob Toman series spinners and the new Flash-Glo trolling spinners with the squid skirts,” Martin said. “Anything with pink has worked best.” The commercial salmon season opens July 1, but Martin said there are so many kings near Deer Harbor he will continue to make the trip there to pursue kings. “We’ve been getting so many doubles and triples,” Martin said. “The whole Outer Coast is just loaded with kings right now.”

Andy Martin is a famed guide in Alaska, and has always been a dedicated Wright & McGill user, along with Lazer Sharp and Eagle Claw products. Whether it be monster halibut or a boat load of king salmon, Capt. Martin knows how to make it happen in Alaska.

This picture above shows a guide trip from Capt. Andy Martin earlier this summer. David Evans, James Kane, Rebecca Kane, and Joe Purkett, all of Montana, hold limits of king salmon caught June 22 on the Outer Coast of Southeast Alaska aboard the Icy Rose with Capt. Andy Martin. The kings were caught on plug-cut herring trolled with Big Al’s Fish Flashes, size 4/0 Lazer Sharp hooks and Wright & McGill salmon rods. King salmon fishing out of Gustavus, Alaska, has been the best in years so far this season.

King salmon fishing remains wide open on Southeast Alaska’s Outer Coast throughout most of the summer. Capt. Martin feels confident that he will continue to post huge numbers of fish out of Deer Harbor this summer.

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Blair Wiggins Shoots Sturgeon Show in Columbia River

Addictive Fishing’s Capt. Blair Wiggins shoots a TV show for the upcoming season. For the first time, Wiggins heads to the Columbia River in Oregon to target the massive sturgeon. Many people who watch the Mogan Man have never heard of the Columbia, but those in the northwest know that it is a sanctuary for monster sturgeon. Capt. Trevor Storlie joined Blair and showed him the ropes on the largest sturgeon fishery in the country. The trip took place on the week of June 13th near the mouth of the Columbia.

As you know, Capt. Blair Wiggins has his customary Flats Blue rods that he uses in salt waters of Florida. When doing the show in the northwest, he wanted to incorporate and include his line of rods, which was never thought of before in the northwest.

Capt. Storlie or better known as The Red Spirit Guide is among the most knowledgeable guides in the northwest. Wright & McGill is lucky enough to have him as a member of our ProStaff, and takes pride in the huge fish he catches on Wright & McGill rods. About a year ago, the technologies of S-Curve graphite/glass rods launched a line in Wright & McGill’s name, called the Stormy Skies Series. These custom colored rods are specific to Storlie’s northwest edition of Wright & McGill rods.

Together, with each of their customary rods, the two fishing guru’s were able to slam some monster sturgeon and make a great show for the upcoming Addictive Fishing season

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Mike Dove catches massive pike on Lake of the Woods.

Mike Dove just got back from Lake of the Woods Ontario. Mike used nothing but the Skeet Reese rods and the Victory reels. He was a little skeptical of the Victory reel being able to handle the big pike , being that it is only rated at a 12lb drag. However, Mike was pleasantly surprised. Mike was using a lot of fast moving jerkbaits and cranks to get the reaction bite from the pike in shallow water, so he mainly used the 7-1 gear ratio. It did great. Mike used the jerbait topwater rod for a while until he started to locate the bigger pike. I found it would handle them, however it took a lot of patience. So I switched to the Swimbait rod for most of the trip. Mike noticed that the big pike were located in less than 5ft of water moving up for the spawn. The fish were very skittish. It was important to make long casts and being able to snap the rod to create an erratic retrieve, which the big pike were reacting to. Many of people at the lake and the lodge took notice of the rods. Mike was asked several times “are you using that tackle for Pike” I would respond yes it works great! Here are some of the photos from his trip.

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Trevor Storlie

On a typical day you can see Trevor Storlie floating down the Columbia River with a boat full of eager fishermen looking to catch massive fish. Trevor is a local Oregon guide for Red’s Guide Service who specializes in salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and walleye. With over 10 years in guiding experience, Trevor is the right person for the job.

Trevor has a great knowledge about fishing and a good sense of humor to keep if fun and entertaining for his guest. Trevor explains his theory “I am very competitive but there is a fine line between being to competitive and keeping it fun for your clients. I think a lot of guys with internet and cell phones take the fun out of fishing.  I look at it as just being very lucky to be able to spend the day on the water. Have fun and the fish will come” Trevor is also a disciplined guide, he wants to insure that the guest have the best time possible. Trevor’s motto, “never give up until the boat is on the trailer. The last hole can be the one that saves the day to keep your guys coming back. If they land a big King at the end of the day they forget about all that slow time”.

This year Wright & McGill has teamed up with Trevor to create a new line of salmon/steelhead rods. The “Stormy Skies” rods were created to specialize in the typical fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Trevor was the perfect candidate to help test and develop the rods. You will get a chance to use these rods on a trip with Trevor.


For more information about Trevor and Red’s Guide Service please visit www.redsguideservice.com or you can call Trevor’s cell (503)-307-5601

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Bass Pro Legend Rick Clunn Joins Wright & McGill

Wright & McGill Co. of Denver, Co announces a new partnership with Rick Clunn professional bass angler from Ava, Missouri.  Rick has been fishing professionally for 37 years and was voted ESPN All-Time Greatest Bass Angler in 2004. With his expertise, he’s the right match for Wright & McGill when it comes to selecting and designing bass rods to meet the competitive angler’s demands.

Rick will be fishing with Wright & McGill Signature S-Curve and S-Glass bass rods and Victory reels.  He currently has 4 Bassmaster Classic wins and 14 B.A.S.S. National Championship wins making him one of the highest money winners on the tournament trail.

“I am very excited to be part of the W&M team and look forward to fishing the very best rods on the market during 2011 and beyond,” stated Rick.

Chris Russell, Marketing Director for Wright & McGill said, “Rick is the ultimate addition to the W&M team. With his years of experience and unmatched knowledge Rick is the perfect pro to fish W&M rods and reels. He demands the very best in his fishing equipment and will not settle for products that do not live up to his requirements. Rick is also very in tune with what anglers and fans are looking for to help them be more successful out on the water. We are excited to have Rick fishing our S-Curve and S-Glass rods and performance reels and are looking forward to incorporating his knowledge into new items in the future.”

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Wright & McGill at upcoming Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show

Wright & McGill will be promoting the new “Stormy Skies” salmon and steelhead rods at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show in Portland OR. Our Pro Guide Trevor Storlie will be there to explain the rod, and to answer any questions.

Trevor Storlie is a local Oregon guide with over ten years of guiding experience. Trevor was a major influence in the development of these special salmon and steelhead rods.

The initial launch of Stormy Skies will include 16 technique specific rods including 14 graphite and 2 new S-Glass models. Each rod was developed to function perfectly using today’s most popular angling methods and will provide the ultimate in performance and affordability.

Portland Expo Center
2060 North Marine Drive, Portland, Oregon 97217

Show Hours
Wed: 11 am – 9 pm, Thu: 11 am – 9 pm, Fri: 11 am – 9 pm, Sat: 10 am – 8 pm, Sun: 10 am – 6 pm

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Robby Richardson from Ice Fish Colorado

Ice fishing is misconceived by many as a cold, boring sport that requires some inebriation to be fun, but this is far from the truth!  If done correctly, ice fishing can be comfortable, exciting, and one of the best opportunities of the year to catch a trophy fish!  In a typical winter, Colorado has many different ice fishing options across the front range and into the rocky mountains with opportunities for walleye, pike, perch, trout, salmon, and lake trout!

Walleye can be found in Chatfield and Cherry Creek, Antero and 11 Mile reservoirs provide some of the best trophy trout opportunities in the western U.S. and salmon and lake trout of Colorado can be found coexisting in Granby and Blue Mesa reservoirs.  These bodies of water are just a few of the opportunities across the state of Colorado, but others include: Rifle Gap, Harvey Gap, Taylor, Aurora, Taryall, Georgetown, Dillon, Green Mountain, Gross, Twin Lakes, Turquois, and many many more!

Ice fishing technology has come a long way over the last decade from heaters to huts and everything in between to keep you dry, warm, and focused on the fish.  Sonar and GPS technology has also advanced and truly takes the guesswork out of fishing, allowing any ice angler to identify potential fish-holding structure on a topo map, mark it on their GPS and then use color, HD sonar to identify bottom type, weeds, fish, and how the fish are reacting to their bait.  This allows an angler to eliminate dead water quickly and identify the fishes mood so that they can adjust quickly.


Sport Fish Colorado and its guides take full advantage of all the impressive new ice fishing technology to capitalize on the many awesome ice fishing opportunities Colorado has to offer.  We don’t like to sit and hope the fish come to us.  We actively pursue our target species in hopes of meeting the day’s goal(s) in order to achieve a fishing experience that
provides an adrenaline rush and leaves you wanting more!  This takes a little more work and effort, but is usually well worth it!  For more information on ice fishing in Colorado check out Icefishcolorado.com.  Give Colorado ice fishing a try today for your shot at a true trophy like one of the fish below!

Robby Richardson

Ice Fish Colorado

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