Rick Clunn

A quiet craft subtly works its way through sacred bass waters. It is the one known as the Earth Warrior, Rick Clunn.
He listens.
He watches.
He fishes.
“Quiet,” he says.
“Nature does not present obstacles – only clues.”

This is what has brought four Bassmaster Championships to the Earth Warrior. Listen, and you too may know what it is to touch perfection. Like the Earth Warrior, you will take your Rick Clunn Signature Series S-Glass Crankin’ Rod and become one with nature. Nature’s clues will guide you to the exact Wright & McGill Rod fit for the task. Whether it’s deep ledges, off-color water or working smaller lures in clear water, Wright & McGill will provide the power. It is only then that you may look to the sky, and like the Earth Warrior, you may see a mighty osprey diving to the water while a single feather alights alongside your craft. For this is the way of the Earth Warrior.