Rick Clunn visits the Wright and McGill Co.

We were honored to have Rick Clunn in our offices yesterday. If you do not know Rick Clunn has won the Bassmaster Classic 4 times in his career. We are glad to have such a Legend become part of the Wright & McGill Team.

During Rick’s first visit to Wright and McGill we went over many new product ideas. Rick sat down with our rod and reel manager Al Noraker to discuss his line of rods. Rick knows exactly what he wants from a rod and Al is the perfect person to meet his demands. Rick talked with our TroKar manager Matt Grey on some new hook designs. After working with all of the product managers Rick went to the country store and worked as a sales man. These two guys were surprised when Rick Clunn himself came out to explain his crank bait rods.

The whole company enjoyed having Rick and his family here. He spent some time in almost every department. After a tour in the factory Rick had some extra time to sign some autographs with his kids by his side.

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