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Ice fishing is misconceived by many as a cold, boring sport that requires some inebriation to be fun, but this is far from the truth!  If done correctly, ice fishing can be comfortable, exciting, and one of the best opportunities of the year to catch a trophy fish!  In a typical winter, Colorado has many different ice fishing options across the front range and into the rocky mountains with opportunities for walleye, pike, perch, trout, salmon, and lake trout!

Walleye can be found in Chatfield and Cherry Creek, Antero and 11 Mile reservoirs provide some of the best trophy trout opportunities in the western U.S. and salmon and lake trout of Colorado can be found coexisting in Granby and Blue Mesa reservoirs.  These bodies of water are just a few of the opportunities across the state of Colorado, but others include: Rifle Gap, Harvey Gap, Taylor, Aurora, Taryall, Georgetown, Dillon, Green Mountain, Gross, Twin Lakes, Turquois, and many many more!

Ice fishing technology has come a long way over the last decade from heaters to huts and everything in between to keep you dry, warm, and focused on the fish.  Sonar and GPS technology has also advanced and truly takes the guesswork out of fishing, allowing any ice angler to identify potential fish-holding structure on a topo map, mark it on their GPS and then use color, HD sonar to identify bottom type, weeds, fish, and how the fish are reacting to their bait.  This allows an angler to eliminate dead water quickly and identify the fishes mood so that they can adjust quickly.


Sport Fish Colorado and its guides take full advantage of all the impressive new ice fishing technology to capitalize on the many awesome ice fishing opportunities Colorado has to offer.  We don’t like to sit and hope the fish come to us.  We actively pursue our target species in hopes of meeting the day’s goal(s) in order to achieve a fishing experience that
provides an adrenaline rush and leaves you wanting more!  This takes a little more work and effort, but is usually well worth it!  For more information on ice fishing in Colorado check out  Give Colorado ice fishing a try today for your shot at a true trophy like one of the fish below!

Robby Richardson

Ice Fish Colorado

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