Sabalos Fly Reel wins Best in Show at ICAST

The new Wright & McGill Fly Reel wins best in show at ICAST. Accepting the award is product manager Al Noraker and President Donn Schaible.

Wright & McGill Co. is proud to introduce a new series of completely sealed and saltwater tested fly reels called the Sabalos Fly Reel.
This new series of reels not only sets new standards for quality and performance but deliveries these exceptional features at prices that no one ever thought possible. Starting at just $199.99 for the 7/8 wt reel, even the giant 11/12 reel retails at only $219.99.
Beautiful and durable two tone anodizing and detailed machining make this reel look as good as it performs. These new reels were designed and tested to be the perfect complement to our Flats Blue saltwater fly rods but they’ll be just as happy sitting on any rod that you currently own.
Key Features – W&M by Eagle Claw Sabalos Saltwater Fly Reel
*Ultra lightweight and strong, 6061 bar stock aluminum frame
*6061 bar stock aluminum spool
*Highly machined custom cutting for weight reduction/balance
*Comfortable and durable aluminum handle
*Hard anodized two-tone finish impervious to saltwater
*Powerful dual core disc drag system – Cork & improved Teflon®
*Sealed ball bearings
*Large/wide arbor design

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18 Responses to Sabalos Fly Reel wins Best in Show at ICAST

  1. Barclay Wiggs says:

    When is the Sabalos Fly Reel going to be available?

  2. Tom Tankersley says:

    Congrats on the Sabalos winning best new fly reel at ICAST! I know Dick’s now has the size 9/10 available for purchase. When will the 7/8 be available for purchase?

    Thank you


  3. fournigault says:


    I have one fly rod #10 in 4 pc wright & Mc Gill Bought World Wide Sportman in May 2012. Now I am interested by one saltwater sabalo fly reel 7/8 and one in 11/12 and one fly rod in # 8/9 in 4pc. I live in France. Please can send me this gears or where I can buy this two fly reels and this fly rod?
    I thank you very much

    all the best


  4. fournigault says:


    I am saltwater fly fishing guide in France (

    I have one fly rod WMEBW4XP9104 bought at Islamorada World Wide Sportman in may 2012

    I see plenty of movies in may Key West, Marathon with Blair Wiggins (Permit, tuna etc…)

    Now I search one fly rod for bonefishing WMEBW4XP984 and two fly reels
    WMESAB910 & WMESAB1112

    Please, can you tell me where I can buy this rod and reels in France or if you can send me in France with discount price for guide

    I thank you very much

    all the best


  5. chris says:

    i saw this reel and wanted to know some stuff .. hows does it handles up to the saltwater ? how is the drag on this reel i have seen alot of reels high priced and the drag sucks ? how does it compare to any of the top reels u can get at bass pro performance wise ? To be honest what caught me to this reel is the design and outrageous color if anyone can please help me out here its a tough decision to make with so many reels out there…..

    • admin says:


      This new Sabalos reel is one of the best on the market. The drag is sealed so it will work in saltwater perfectly. The drag is both cork and Teflon. Nothing will beat this reel for the price.

  6. regis fournigault says:

    greetings all,

    I am very desapointed because no boby want sell to me to France one wright and mc gill fly rod #8 and two sabalos fly reels

    Please can you help me?

    I have one rod bought in Islamorada in may 2012 world wide sportsman #10 and now I cannot have two reels and one rod for bonefishong and tarpon

    all the best

    Regis from France

    Dear Regis,

    Thank you for contacting Customer Support at

    We are contacting you in regards to order number 8499682898.
    Unfortunately, we are not able to ship a package to an address outside
    of the United States. Your order will be returned to our warehouse for
    credit. Please allow 7-10 calendar days for your credit to be processed
    once your return is received at our warehouse. You will receive an email
    confirmation including a credit reference number when your credit has
    been processed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and
    thank you again for contacting Customer Support at


    Susan P.
    Customer Service Specialist
    Customer Support at

    If you have additional questions, please visit our online Help Desk.

    Dear regis fournigault,
    Your order has been received.
    Thank you for shopping at You will soon receive
    additional emails regarding the status of your order.
    Wright & McGill Sabalos Fly Reel
    Size: 11/12
    Wright & McGill Sabalos Fly Reel
    Size: 9/10
    Wright & McGill Blair Wiggins
    S-Curve Saltwater Fly Rods
    Size: F8WT
    Color: 9’0″
    Cost Summary
    Subtotal $559.97

  7. I saw in São Paulo – SP – Brazil – in Stores Sugoy Big Fishi, (reels)spools of Fly Fishing, Saltwater Fly Reels Blair Wiggins Sabalos left side.
    I need right side, do you have?
    Size 7/8 – 9/10.

  8. Can’t wait to see the new products at I Cast 2013


  9. Can’t wait to see the new products at I Cast 13

  10. Brandon Franklin says:

    Will you have extra spools available for purchase and what will the cost?

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