The Russian Eagle Claw Team Win National Title

The Russian fishing championship was held September 16-18 on the Volga River near the town of Uglich,Russia. The Russian Eagle Claw Team headed to the tournament with a goal of taking the National title. Konstantin Karimulin, Sergey Jhdanov, and Konstantin Kudinov were each equipped with Skeet Reese Rods, Skeet Reece Victory Reels and Lazer TroKar hooks. The tournament consisted of pike and perch. The average weigh-in for the tournament was 24 lbs. Team Eagle Claw won the title of Russian Nation Champs with 26 lb. Congratulations to the whole Russian Eagle Claw Team.

(from left to right):Konstantin Karimulin, Sergey Jhdanov, Konstantin Kudinov

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