Tony Roach

Favored of the gods, Tony Roach strides that portion of the earth allotted to fish. Locked in mortal combat with the warmongering walleye. He has been called the Walker of Hardened Water. The Ice Troller. The Piscatory Pirate of the Great Lakes. But fate, not lore, guides the conquering Norseman’s star. Born of noble bloodlines, the viking is heir to kings and tournament chieftains. Horn-helmeted plunderers of the Northern Lakelands. It is said that at his birth he was offered the Hammer of Thor, but renounced that heavy tool in favor of a divine quiver filled with Micro Honeycomb and S-Curve rods. These mighty instruments of the fish-catching legend were inscribed with mystic runes that bore the name of Wright & McGill, and when he wielded them, he was given dominion over all the waters of the north.