Tony Roach Micro Honeycomb Technology

In the quest for the perfect series of Walleye rods, I’ve teamed up with the rod designers at Wright & McGill because of their creativity and understanding of what today’s anglers are looking for in performance and value. Their attention to detail and quality is unparalleled and every action is handcrafted to meet the demanding needs of today’s Walleye anglers. I’m proud that my name is on the W&M Tony Roach Pro Series Walleye rods and I’m confident that you’ve just found the best Walleye rod in the world!

– Tony Roach

Bitter winds scour the land. Ice clings to the braided beard while cold smoke burns the nostrils. Yet as many a reluctant warrior cleaves to his boat trailer, cowering in the dim red glow of propane heaters and the sullen comfort of a drinking horn, Tony Roach, The Viking, boldly stalks the waters of the north in search of an ancient foe – the relentless, razor-toothed walleye. As it was with his stout-hearted forebears whose names have been writ in the stone of tournament ice. The Viking hunts for both the lusty pleasure of battle and the lure of fame immortal. His choice of weapon? Micro-Honeycomb and S-Curve Rods by Wright & McGill. His reason? Their unique design. “Like a monarch’s scepter,” the legend says, “They may be wielded with savage grace or brute authority.”

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