Trevor Storlie

On a typical day you can see Trevor Storlie floating down the Columbia River with a boat full of eager fishermen looking to catch massive fish. Trevor is a local Oregon guide for Red’s Guide Service who specializes in salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and walleye. With over 10 years in guiding experience, Trevor is the right person for the job.

Trevor has a great knowledge about fishing and a good sense of humor to keep if fun and entertaining for his guest. Trevor explains his theory “I am very competitive but there is a fine line between being to competitive and keeping it fun for your clients. I think a lot of guys with internet and cell phones take the fun out of fishing.  I look at it as just being very lucky to be able to spend the day on the water. Have fun and the fish will come” Trevor is also a disciplined guide, he wants to insure that the guest have the best time possible. Trevor’s motto, “never give up until the boat is on the trailer. The last hole can be the one that saves the day to keep your guys coming back. If they land a big King at the end of the day they forget about all that slow time”.

This year Wright & McGill has teamed up with Trevor to create a new line of salmon/steelhead rods. The “Stormy Skies” rods were created to specialize in the typical fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Trevor was the perfect candidate to help test and develop the rods. You will get a chance to use these rods on a trip with Trevor.


For more information about Trevor and Red’s Guide Service please visit or you can call Trevor’s cell (503)-307-5601

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