S-Glass MaX Series Salmon Rods

W&M S-Glass MaX Series rods use a combination of three separate layers of connective fibers; each laid directionally apposed and bonded using an environmentally friendly hydantoin resin.

The result is a glass rod that is 25% stronger than fiberglass, features a rebound rate that approaches high-modulus graphite blanks and is incredibly light.

  • Specifically designed by experts and guides to deliver incredible action with plugs and divers.
  • S-Glass blank construction delivers incredible power, a super soft feel and improves the fish catching action of all plugs.
  • Revolutionary molded rubber handles deliver incredible feel, a sure grip and are easy to remove from rod holders.
  • Large fighting butt delivers performance and durability.
  • Zirconium guides reduce weight, improve casting distance and hold up to all super braids.
  • Available in 9′ and 10’6″ models.

MaX Plug

The new 10′ 6″ MaX Plug rod just might be the most perfect Kwik Fish or big plug rod ever made. Its soft tip and mid section allow plugs to swim like never before triggering aggressive strikes from fish that just can’t resist the increased action. Once hooked, the rods allow the fish to turn while the powerful butt section penetrates hooks like never before..

WMSGMP106C210'6"2-6 20-502

Short MaX Plug

The new 9′ MaX Plug is the little cousin of the longer version but it doesn’t give an inch when it comes to performance. Perfect for those tight conditions or when you want a shorter rod out of the back of your boat with the longer version in the front for a better spread. Same soft glass feel with an incredible combination of strength and lightweight.

WMSGSMP90C29'0"3/4 - 2 1/215-402

S-Glass Rod features:
  • Stormy Skies™ custom rod graphics.
  • Stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts redcue weight, improve casting distance and will hold up to all super braids.
  • Triangle foregrip increases rod control and comfort when fighting heavy fish.
  • Revolutionary molded rubber handles and non-slip reel seats for incredible feel and a sure grip.
  • Large fighting butt delivers performance, durability and comfort.
  • Rubber o-ring hook keeper.