Salmon Steelhead Series with S-Curve Technology

Salmon Steelhead Series Rods Constructed with Exclusive S-Curve Technology

This process combines T-Glass with high-density graphite as the core of the blank. Carbon yarn, PBO fiber and glass fibers are then woven into a combination of T-Glass and high density graphite producing a blank that is super strong and has increased compression resistance. It is then wrapped by carbon tape and high-density graphite to eliminate cracking and to increase breaking strength. The result is the revolutionary W&M S-Curve rod series. These rods provide the perfect transmission of power for fighting powerful fish, enhanced torque and lifting power while still being extremely light to minimize angler fatigue.

Simply stated – These ultra sensitive rods are the toughest, slimmest, lightest and most powerful rods ever designed. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Select from 14 models, each specifically designed by salmon/steelhead experts for a specific technique that will help you catch more fish while drift fishing, back trolling, Hot Shotting, bottom bouncing, side drifting and more.
  • S-Curve blank construction for superior strength, lifting power, sensitivity and weight reduction.
  • Spinning models feature the new split handle design for weight reduction and improved balance.
  • Revolutionary molded rubber handles deliver incredible feel, a sure grip and are easy to remove from rod holders.
  • Large fighting butt delivers performance, durability and comfort.
  • Zirconium guides reduce weight, improve casting distance, and hold up to all super braids.
  • Available in 4 spinning and 10 casting models from 7’9″ to 10’6″.

Back Bouncer

One of the most effective boat techniques in the Northwest is back bouncing bait through natural holding areas. This “Bouncer” will stay light in your hand but packed with power to work your bait through the most productive slots.

WMSGMP106C210'6"2-6 20-502

Hot Shot

One of our favorite rods in the line, the Hot Shot rod features a super sensitive tip to get the maximum action out of plugs of all sizes. It is perfectly balanced and has a powerful butt section, which means consistent hook setting power. This rod is specifically designed for pulling plugs but don’t leave it at home when you start chasing walleye. It makes a perfect rod for pulling worm harnesses or vertical jigging.

WMSGSMP90C29'0"3/4 - 2 1/215-402

Float Pro

The number one choice for those wanting to get started in float/jig fishing. A superb combination of line control, power and length, our 10’6″ float rod will handle anything from small jigs, worms and egg clusters in any Northwest or Great Lakes waters.

WMESCNO106S210'6"1/8 - 1/24-82

Light Drifter

Side drifting for winter Steelies or summer drift fishing in low clear water is a time for delicate presentations, light leaders and a rod that’s designed to work in these conditions. Our light drifter is just that rod. It’s 9′ of pure finesse packed with power, you’ll be fearless when searching for big fish in skinny water.

WMEFPLFly Patch LanyardFly Patch, Tippet Spool, and Quick Detach Tool Holders
WMESLStandard LanyardQuick Detach Tool Holders
WMEFPLSSStreamside LanyardLanyard includes forceps, nipper, leader straightener
& fly pic tool

Medium Drifter

If you could have just one rod for Steelhead, this is it. A fast action, powerful, 9′ rod – available in both a spinning and casting version – that is just as well suited for drifting your favorite bait as it is running plugs. The spinning models feature our new, perfectly balanced, split rear handle design for weight reduction and to keep them light in your hand all day long.


Alaska Medium Drifter

When you need all around performance for Sockeye, Silvers or Kings, whether you’re fishing from the bank or your boat, the Alaska Medium Drifter is the easy choice. Soft in the tip and power where it counts, makes casting easy and holding big fish a breeze.

WMESCAMD90C29'0" 3/4 - 2 1/212-252

Alaska Medium Drifter 10′

Longer rods are quickly gaining popularity because of the line control and casting ability they offer the angler. With this in mind, we’ve added a 10′ version of our very popular Alaska Medium Drifter. Great egg rod and loves to pull big plugs in heavy current. It’s also one of our first choices as a bobber rod anywhere salmon live.

WMESCAMD10C210'3/4 - 215 - 302

Alaska Heavy Drifter

When you need a little more horsepower, the Alaska Heavy Drifter is your choice of rod. This 9′ rod is rated for 15-40 lbs and will bring the toughest kings to boat in short order. For those of you who love pulling big plugs or dragging eggs in heavy current, this rod will be your workhorse. This rod doubles as an excellent heavy mooching rod and is perfect for keeper Sturgeon in the bays.

WMESCAHD90C29'0"1-315 - 402

Alaska King Drifter

The Alaska King Drifter is your choice when you want the biggest, toughest, fish fighting tool on the river. At 9′ long and rated from 20-50lbs, I dare you to find a king that can’t be beat with this rod. Strong tip section that still casts like a dream. And when you hook up on Mr. Chinook, you’ll know why this rod is King in the North Country.

WMESCAKD90C29'0"2-6 20 - 502

Magnum Plug

The Magnum Plug rod was designed in conjunction with Alaska’s top salmon guides who needed a long, 10′ 6” rod for pulling big plugs on big water. This rod had to have the perfect combination of soft to moderate action in the front 1/3 of the rod to allow for maximum action from the bait while still having a powerful butt section to quickly bring even the largest kings to boat for their clients. One look at this rod and you will quickly understand that it was built for performance. This rod was designed for Alaska but has proven to be the choice of guides and sport fishing enthusiasts along the entire length of the Columbia and other Northwest rivers.

WMESCMP106C2 10'6" 1-320 - 50 2

Magnum Herring

The new Magnum Herring rod was designed at the request of professional NW guides who spend days pulling baits in heavy tides with 8 ounces or more. They needed a super strong rod at least 10′ 6” long to maintain their spread and that has the backbone to handle big tides, strong current and big fish.

WMESCMH106C2 10'6" 4-1040 - 80 2

S-Curve Rod features:
  • Stormy Skies™ custom rod graphics.
  • Power section just above the foregrip is reinforced with a 1K, high-density woven graphite cloth for 23% more hook setting power and fish fighting strength.
  • Stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts reduce weight, improve casting distance and will hold up to all super braids.
  • Casting models feature triangle foregrip increases rod control and comfort when fighting heavy fish.
  • Spinning models feature split rear handles for weight reduction and improved balance.
  • Spinning models also feature split foregrip for finger tip sensitivity of light bites.
  • Revolutionary molded rubber handles and non-slip reel seats for incredible feel and a sure grip.
  • Large fighting butt delivers performance, durability and comfort.
  • Rubber o-ring hook keeper.