Wright & McGill Co goes to Boston

The Wright and McGill team was in Boston this week looking for big Stripers and Bluefish.
We were fishing with several of the buyers from Dicks Sporting Goods and none other then Skeet Reese. We had the chance to fish with two great Captains Chuck and Skip from Boston Sportfishing. www.bostonsportfishing.com

Day one opened with nothing to see but thick fog and more Bluefish then we knew what to do with plus a Striper or two thrown in for good measure. Bluefish in packs are a hook makers dream since these hard fighting, toothy fish can cut mono leader like butter and with the Stripers being a little leader shy we decided to stick with the mono instead of steel leaders for a shot a 40lb plus Stripe Bass. 100 hooks later and all of us plenty happy with the day we headed back to town for what else but some of Boston’s Best Seafood.

Day two dawned and the weather make us feel like we were in a completely different place. Sunshine greeted us and the Stripers seemed to be more willing to bite. We caught fish all day within site of the Boston Skyline and Fort Independence in the Harbor. What a great fishery, When you can stay at a hotel downtown in a major city, have a 15 minute car ride to the boat and be hooked up 15 minutes later – that is a fishery to get excited about!Everyone had a great time, caught plenty of Striped Bass and Bluefish, laughed, joked, and harassed both the captains for two day. Plus enjoyed the nightlife of Downtown Boston.

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