Wright & McGill New S-Curve Salmon & Steelhead Series “Stormy Skies”

DENVER, COLORADO – The Wright & McGill Co., working with one of the top Salmon & Steelhead guides in the NW will launch a new line of Salmon & Steelhead rods in February 2011 called Stormy Skies! The initial launch will include 16 technique specific rods including 14 graphite and 2 new Tri-Gressive S-Glass models. Each rod was developed to function perfectly using today’s most popular angling methods and will provide the ultimate in performance and affordability.

The 14 new graphite models have been designed around Wright & McGill’s exclusive S-Curve blank technology because of its strength, sensitivity, light weight and for its incredible lifting power. Wright & McGill has been the industry leader in glass rod technology for decades and that tradition continues with the addition of the new Tri-Gressive S-Glass blanks used in the new MaX™ series of plug rods.

Each rod is custom painted using the new Stormy Skies color treatment making each one slightly different than the next. These beautiful new rods are loaded with extras that will make fishermen wonder how they can be priced at just $99.99 for every model from a 7’9” Hot Shot rod all the way to a 10’6” Magnum Herring model.

W&M Stormy Skies Salmon/Steelhead Series specs:

  • Made with incredibly strong, light and sensitive S-Curve blank technology.
  • Reinforced with a 1K, high density woven graphite cloth extending from the fighting butt past the foregrip that adds 23% more hook setting power and fish fighting strength.
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides, with zirconium rings, are lighter and won’t crack, break or groove when used with the braided line.
  • Spinning models include a custom split fore grip of rubber cork allows for finger to blank contact and increased sensitivity.
  • Spinning models feature a split rear handle design for weight reduction and improved balance.
  • Non-slip handles and reel seats for a sure grip.
  • Oversized, durable fighting butt for comfort.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Wright & McGill S Curve Signature rods are available in 14 specialty actions, designed to tackle the strongest Salmon or Steelhead that swim anywhere. There are two additional Tri-Gressive S-Glass rods in the MaX™ series designed to improve the fish attracting action of plugs in any size. Both the Graphite and the Glass models are family priced with a suggested retail of $99.99.

Wright & McGill Stormy Skies S-Curve Handle

S-Curve Spin handle

For more information about Wright & McGill Co. products, contact us at 720-941-8700 or visit the web site at www.wright-mcgill.com

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13 Responses to Wright & McGill New S-Curve Salmon & Steelhead Series “Stormy Skies”

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  2. Carabini says:

    With his expertise hes the right match for Wright McGill when it comes to selecting and designing bass rods to meet the competitive anglers demands.Rick will be fishing with Wright McGill Signature S-Curve and S-Glass bass rods and Victory reels. He currently ranks fourth on B.A.S.S.s all-time prize money list with more than 2 million in career earnings. I am very excited to be part of the W M team and look forward to fishing the very best rods on the market during 2011 and beyond said Clunn.Chris Russell marketing director for Wright McGill said Rick is the ultimate addition to the W M team. We are excited to have Rick fishing our S-Curve and S-Glass rods and performance reels and are looking forward to incorporating his knowledge into new items in the future. For more information on Wright McGill products visit and you can follow Wright McGill on Facebook………..

    • Arush says:

      Recently purchased two skeet reese rods model no. WMESRMSB70C. The hadnle by reel seat in front of reel with groves for tightening are extremely rough . When holding reel and rod forward, the middle finger gets blisters. Please advise if anything has been done to eliminate this problem. Other than this one problem, the rods are great.

      • admin says:

        Many anglers will use athletic tape for this problem

      • Carlos says:

        While you have an impressive puordct line I find the fact that your list of Dealers is not impressive. Not having Dealerships in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky which are loaded with fishing enthusists is unexplainable as well as the fact that the major outdoor retailers such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas and Academy Sports carry a very limited line of your puordcts with the exception of hooks. How does one go about buying your puordct lines such as the Skeet Reese Signature Series rods?

  3. I live in Ontario Canada and I love your new stormy skies s-curve rods I’m trying to order one but I’m having trouble I know there new and probably on back order but I can’t seem to find a company who can get one for me. I’ve tried Cabelas Canada but they don’t carry your brand name. The only company I know might be able to help me is pro bass shop but they don’t carry the stormy skies not yet anyway. I hope you will supply pro bass with your new rods or somewhere I can get one. PLEASE HELP ME GET ONE OF YOUR AWSOME RODS THANK YOU

  4. Alex says:

    Congrats on landing an anlegr such as Rick Clunn, to join your team. I spoke to Rick at the KC sport show and he informed me and the boys that he was no longer sponsered by Bass Pro, and you guys picked him up. All I have to say is, what a loss to them and what great knowledge you guys aquired in Clunn. The reason for this e-mail is to let you know that I will be putting a little bit more intrest in your products because of my conversation with R.Clunn, he really got my intrest in the glass rods. Even though, to be honest, I’ve never heard of you guys, and thats because of my own ignorance. But I look foward to purchasing products from your company . D. Cooper

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the support Alex. Clunn has been a huge help when designing rods.

      • Guri says:

        I’m looking for a Long Stormy Skies (10-6) in a snnpiing rod with a high Line pounds test of about(30 Lbs+) 30-60, 30-50,Etc.for surf fishing on long beach,Wa. My hands are med. size and the surf rods in the stores in Vancouver are way to big for me. I saw the magnum Plug at By-mart and liked the way it felt in my hands, But i want one a little heaver in backbone. Do they come in fast action Thanks; Ron

        • admin says:

          We do have the Stormy Skies in a S-Curve
          WMESCMH106C2 – lure weight: 4-10 oz. line weight: 40-80 lbs. Heavy
          WMESCMP106C2 – lure weight: 1-3 oz. line weight: 20-50 lbs. Med. Heavy

    • Raja says:

      There is the Magnum Herring S-Curve rod. It 10’6 in length, 40-80 lb line, and heavy acotin. This sounds like it could fit your needs if you are looking for something heaver than the mag plug.

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