Yellow Fever – The New Tessera Series

(This article is being used with permission The New Jersey Angler.  The article was written by Mark Modoski and Gabriel Hnat, Products Editor in the May 2010 issue)

New collection of special Tessera rods have Skeet Reese written all over them.

Recent years have seen a growing trend in fishing rod manufacturing. Although anglers still have plenty of general-duty sticks to choose from, there is a whole new world of technique-specific designs. Many top manufacturers have made contributions to this style, and Wright & McGill have done so with a line of higher-end rods without the higher-end price tag.

When the company teamed-up with 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese, the result was one of the more interesting collections of specialty rods to come along in a long time. The Skeet Reese edition “Tessera” is available in a full spectrum of casting and spinning models, and at a price point that makes them accessible to virtually any angler.

Since Stan Wright and Drew McGill formed Wright & McGill nearly 80 years ago, the Colorado based firm has grown to become one of the most recognized names in angling. The company has come a long way from manufacturing bamboo poles and now offers a wide array of products under both the Wright & McGill and Eagle Claw brands. Their new assortment of vibrant rods bearing the legendary Lucky Craft pro’s signature gained overnight popularity among anglers, and is a prime example of how Wright & McGill is swinging for the fences.

The new Tessera series consists of eight models that have been made using S-Curve Technology and two models constructed with Tri-Gressive S-Glass. The SCurve combines T-Glass with high-density graphite to produce a rod that is superior in terms of strength and sensitivity. The blank is wrapped in carbon tape and graphite to reduce cracking and to further increase its strength.

Two other rods are constructed of Tri-Gressive S-Glass for fishing crankbaits and mark the next level in glass rod-blank technology. The blank combines three layers of connective fibers and is 25 percent stronger than fiberglass with a reaction that rivals graphite. The pair has superb power and hook-setting capabilities while being incredibly light.

There are eight, technique-specific graphite S-Curve sticks available: flippin’/pitchin’, jerkbait/topwater, spinnerbait/worm, jig/worm, Senko/toad and swimbait/Carolina rig. The two spinning models are a drop shot/split shot and a shaky-head/Senko. All are one piece and range in lengths from 6-foot 8-inches to 8-foot long. The two crankbait rods are 7-foot and 7-foot 10-inches. Every rod features split handles made with molded rubber for a comfortable feel and grip as well as reduced weight and improved balance. Zirconium guides also help reduce weight and pave the way for superior casting performance. Each rod in the Tessera series is marked by Reese’s signature yellow and black color scheme.

Check out the Skeet Reese edition Tesseras at your favorite Northeast tackle retailer or visit for more information.

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  1. George Salov says:

    I have a WMFSRJB68C1 rod that broke during a cast. Purchased Bass Pro Shop Grapevine TX in Feb of last year. Is this under warranty?

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